- How I start drawing?
you just need to create a new canvas frame clicking on File>New or by pressing the shortcut Ctrl+N.

-How can I change the color palette?
pressing the left click on a color block from the palette you can get this color for your tools also you can click right button.
however, pressing the middle mouse button you can open the color palette box to change the color.

-How can I import my pixel art to Dart?
you can get to File>Load or using the shortcut Ctrl+L to start indexing an image.

-How can I resize canvas size?
before you create a new canvas frame you can resize it clicking on transform>res. canvas to set the new width and height in pixels.

-How can I build my own tilemaps?
click on the big button "tile map start" sited on the left bar to start building.
then click on "load new tileset" to load a tileset and drag and drop to the canvas.

DotArt videos:

DotArt (V.b-3) feature review:



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