Version Nº4 Full:
*load palette
*save palette
*load Dot C.
*save Dot C.

*Undo (1 undo for each independent frame)
*window (window goes to the default size, *off)
*clean (cleans the drawed dots)

*zoom in (mouse wheel up too)
*zoom out (mouse wheel down too)
*show preview (opens a window with the preview of your drawing DotArt)
*color test (try a color test to delete those wasted colors on your palette)

*Shift move (moves the img from his origin)
*mirror flip (mirrors the canvas, horizontaly, verticaly or both).
*res. canvas (resize the canvas size)
*trans col (define the transparent color)
*color replace (replace wished colors to another new HSV)

*Open Box (opens the window to work with multiple frames or frameworking, it can add new frame, copy , paste and delete. max 16 frames)

-Customize (will save automatically)
*Bg colors (change the background colors) *customize.
*Shortcuts (customize your own shortcuts for all of the drawing tools)  *customize.

*link box (opens a window to connect via online with a partner) *it needs log me in hamachi.
*co-dots (opens a window to se what your partner is drawing, but doesn't send RGB colors yet, and it get lagged) *you need to get connected first.

------------ TOOLS
-pencil (yes)
-color shifter (yes)
-eraser (yes)
-rectangle (no)
-magic selector (no)
-circle (no)
-color selector (yes)
-bucket (yes)
-area selector (no)
-antialiasigner black (yes)
-ditherer (yes)
-antialiasigner white (yes)
-color interchanger (yes)
it works with 128x128 canvas size as max.
it had a accesible color palette with 16 slots to save colors. you can change it by pressing the middle mouse button.

DotArt can save as
-png (yes) (alpha channel)
-png(r (yes) (PNG with a higher alpha channel detection, doesn't work yet)
-stripe (yes) (save a stripe with all frames)
-tileset (yes) (save your tilesets, based on the grid size)
-tilemap (yes) (save your constructed tilemaps)
-gif (no) (WIP)
decompress after running*.
all the content of the .rar need to stay in the same folder*.
read the readme.txt for DotArt custom configuration*.

you can post any question!. they will be answered.

Download From here (V.b-1)
Download From here (V.b-2)
Download From here (V.b-3)
Download From here (V.f-4)

V.f-4 News:
-added a color test, it can improve your color palette deleting the wasted
  colors it have.
-customizable drawing tool shortcuts. (any key supported)
-added extension .doa. this extensions can be loaded to construct a black
  lineart on your canvas. you can save your linearts to .doa.
-many box bugs solved.
-Frame Box copy/paste improved.

V.b-3 News:
-added a 640x480 canvas for drag and drop tilemap level construction.
-many drawing bugs and winbox bugs fixed.

V.b-2 News:
-added 1 UNDO try (it can UNDO one move, independent from all frames).
  (you can undo 1 time for each frame by pressing "Ctrl+Z" or Edit>Undo).
-shift move tool (Transform>Shift Move).
-mirror flip tool (Transform>Mirror Flip).
-added the tilemap engine (able to construct and save tilemap based on user tilesets
using a drag and drop engine).
-can save and load color palettes(16c) as a png file (also can load colors from images).
  (File>Load palette)(File>Save Palette).
-copy paste solved on the "Frame Box" (now it can copy and paste colors).
-solved drawing bugs on the canvas (while changing colors).

Minimum Requirements:
-OS: Windows, compatible with vista and 7.
-hard drive: 20mb of free space.
-RAM: 512mb.
-DirectX: 8.0 or later.

-if you are getting bad pixels or wrinkled canvas, please upgrade your DirectX.
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