dot pixel art, was developed for doing pixel art dot creations without needing any more than this program.
Doting, filling, canvas editing, easy management of color palette, dithering, antialiasign tools and more...

Dart, was especially created for doing easy pixel art has a starter. with an easy interface, a lot of tools and a accessible color management for the user.
however, it has two working modes (starter and professional).

the starter mode(1):
just was designed for that users who need some help creating pixel art...
window box tutorials, examples, steps and more...

the professional mode(2):
designed for doing pixel art as a professional career. professional and usefull tools can give you a hand for your hardwork. huge bitmap canvas control for drawing dots, keyboard shortcuts for fast drawing, pixel arts saveable as png format for best quality, frame work management and gif exporting for save animated images, also you can import a gif and work his frames separately.

special features:
with this tool, you can do more than only draw dots.
DotArt can build tileset maps with the draw and drop engine, making easy the videogame level developing.
drawing tileblocks and adding it to the canvas map...

DotArt can save strips and sprite sheets, also can load it separately in separated frames.

DotArt have a special tool for color management, it can improve your color working (hsv or rgb).
it have an assistant for perfect using of color palette.

it have the "Co-Doting system". it consists on drawing pixel art with a partner by online network.
just you can see what your partner draws.

aditional features:
DotArt is able to save your color palettes in a file.
it can save pixelarts as, png, stripes, tilemaps, tilesets, sprite sheets and gifs.
you can save the program custom configuration, and your managed color palettes.
DotArt can import(download) the pixel art of your online partner sending a message with his permition.


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